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7 05 2009

Yes ….College is pretty much the same every where I guess, this is a great randition of the process, very witty.


9 06 2009

This post was terrible 😦

Not the cartoon, fisherman’s thing

13 09 2009

well i hope not im in 5th grade and right nnow collige suks

28 09 2009

Rendition, not randition.
Did you graduate?

7 05 2009

That pretty much summed up my college experience, that and the beer

7 05 2009
miss princess

lol this is like high school and pre-university (which i’m currently at) here in jamaica…so stressed..hate exams 😦

8 05 2009

Awwww… That’s cute. ❀

8 05 2009

the last anime is soo funny

8 05 2009

Wow! nice very nice buddy. thanks for sharing.

8 05 2009

That’s too good to be true πŸ˜‰

8 05 2009

really awesome
quite true πŸ˜›

8 05 2009

I don’t shave my butthairs.

13 10 2009


9 05 2009

These cartoons made me smile. They could also apply to a new baby!

Review, review. Been there done this. (The babies that is) so, guys your not done by a long shot.

9 05 2009

thats real.

9 05 2009
AJ Kumar

For the few months I did spend it college, you were dead on! Great post!!!!

9 05 2009

its really true………..hard to bear but lots of fun hahahaha

9 05 2009

Funny!! and very realistic, Especially the head butting the wall!! πŸ™‚ What memories, Literally nervous breakdown!! LOL!!

10 05 2009

This is very true. Showing normal student life.

17 06 2009
pyrate master

your fucking disgusting!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

10 05 2009

I peed in a cat once

10 05 2009

I think the animations are funny and cute! Thanks

10 05 2009

Yeah…def true…I’m felt that final exam(table throwing) all last week…one more day of it…thank I LOOOVEEE COLLEGE<3

10 05 2009

this was really really really gay

9 09 2009

Personally I’m not seeing that. It’s neither homosexual, brightly colored, nor particularly happy. It is, on the other hand, very much an accurate depiction of the college experience for most of the people I know. And for me where math is concerned.

10 05 2009

Be nice if you sourced the emoticons as Chinese IM greetings..cause most of my friends on QQ messenger use these icons excessively.

10 05 2009
self righteous jerk

This is totally biased and untrue. Any author that generalizes so harshly is totally stupid and doesn’t deserver to get laughs. They deserve to get bullets, in the face.

I’m going to go ahead and guess by this template website and retarded content selection that the author most likely dropped out of web design due to alcoholism.

Also, I bet 90% of the people who commented here don’t have a post secondary eduction.

12 05 2009

Okay, so you’re a jerk that can’t spell “education” (and no, I didn’t learn how to spell that at Cornell University, where I go to college. I learned that in elementary school).

23 05 2009

Ummm are you insane? This basically summed up plenty of students, including my college experience. I’m going to go out on a limb here and say that you, and not us are the outlier here. You’re living up to your name self righteous jerk.

6 06 2009

If people like you two didn’t feed trolls, they’d go away. Welcome to the internet.

28 10 2009

Hahaha you trash it for being biased and supporting generalizations but you are making assumptions about both the author and the reader

11 05 2009
Robby G

I’m on 5 Days before final exam phase right now. Add a lot of alcohol into the mix and this is exactly the perfect image of me.

11 05 2009

TRUTH! THIS IS THE TRUTH! Im on 7 days before final exam right now.

11 05 2009

hey thats nice…. Ha ha ha ha, n funny too
Loved it

but i dont know if any kid has seen that

11 05 2009

That’s the process alright…

12 05 2009

This is the truest thing I have ever seen.

12 05 2009
Advice Dog

Drink alcohol before your final exams.

It will make the grieving process a lot easier.

12 05 2009

Oh so goood and so true…. Tomorrow is my last exam day, and i got so much positive emotion starting this day from this post, thank you :))

12 05 2009

self righteous jerk: “This is totally biased and untrue. Any author that generalizes so harshly is totally stupid and doesn’t deserver to get laughs. They deserve to get bullets, in the face.

I’m going to go ahead and guess by this template website and retarded content selection that the author most likely dropped out of web design due to alcoholism.

Also, I bet 90% of the people who commented here don’t have a post secondary eduction.”


13 05 2009
Health Tips

Its damn cute!! Its a total reflection of what I do!! πŸ™‚

15 05 2009

shopped. totally shopped, you can tell by the pixels

16 05 2009

lol perfect

17 05 2009

The rabbit is called Tuzki and was created by Wang Momo of the Beijing Broadcasting Institute.

17 05 2009

Oooo, most definitely agreeing with the one night before the final one…

And the going out of the exam room…it’s like getting bent over the table and…oh hey, kids!!

19 05 2009

yeah.. this explains the 7 semesters of calculus when it should have only been 4.

19 05 2009

hell yeah!!!

21 05 2009

I Like It! πŸ™‚ Haha, def sums up college

24 05 2009
a random person

to the ‘self righteous jerk’:

well, there’s always THE swots and a couple of teacher’s pets, but let’s be realistic here – those animes are spot on for the most part of student population. πŸ˜€

besides, if only idiots take time to visit such websites as this, what kind of a moron are YOU? πŸ™‚

30 05 2009


4 06 2009

gosh!!!this very thing happens with me every sem.
cool man!!![:)]

6 06 2009
The Arabic Student

Yeah, if you’re a failure that’s how college goes.

7 06 2009

Looks like all but 5 of the images are randomly assigned and have nothing to do with… anything. Or they are accurate and the creator has serious emotional problems.

7 06 2009

hahah yea that is spot on right there.

7 06 2009

This wonderfully descriptive cartoon illustrates why I, as a hiring manager throw away resumes that rely on college as their main reason why I should give them a job. Instead I hire the guy who was never able to go to college, and thus has a better attitude concerning work and success. After 15 years of this strategy, I am quite happy with the results.

2 09 2009

Let me guess, you tend to underpay your employees.

5 09 2009

To Troy: So that means that your an ignorant dickhead who sacrifices quality in order to look out for fellow ignorant dick heads. Well done! Can I have a job?

13 09 2009

I believe people should be hired based on non-collegiate factors. Whether someone went to college or not does not make a difference with regard to drive and ability. However, the attitude someone takes while attending school does make a difference.

Ultimately, I find that those who paid their own way are the ones who get the most out of the experience. They would also probably have trouble identifying with the above post.

13 06 2009

hehehehe that’s true i’m doing that but you forget during the exam committee
you trying cheating by any way possible lol

13 06 2009

hehehehe that’s true i’m doing that but you forget during the exam committee
you trying cheating by any way possible

16 06 2009


2 07 2009

You totally ripped off those animations. Plus, I’ve seen similar things done way better in other places. Zero originality.

4 07 2009
NewInfo2Day » Summary about collage life

[…] like to start with an interesting blog post I found here about collage […]

6 07 2009

Wow Troy, way to bias your hiring process. So I guess instead of actually looking to see who is properly qualified for the job, you just stick with your preconceived notion that the people who went to college and are hard working, adept, and trustworthy are the same scum who use it as an excuse to booze and coast their ways through college on daddy’s dime. I hope you get fired, you jerk, and I hope my future manager isn’t as close-minded, biased judgmental and more competent than you are, because obviously you lack perspective and have some sort of vendetta with those who actually attend college and are trying to make something of themselves. Grow up.

As for the cartoon, I think it’s adorable.

6 07 2009

i think university life is the same as well πŸ˜‰
nice sharing btw

7 07 2009

faggots, you should cite your shit douchebags

7 07 2009

Troy must manage a McDonalds. Or maybe even a wal-mart.

10 07 2009
Kartik Iyer

hey there…..
This is pretty cool!
Actually I am currently under the wall breaking phase…… πŸ˜›
My exams are going on and today is my preparation leave………
So you got it! πŸ˜€

18 07 2009

Yep that about sums it up

12 08 2009

awsm it is…………my colg is over just 1 year 4fore………got me realy into tat again………:)

2 09 2009

lol good one
Request permisson to post on my blog and linkback

2 09 2009
BoyBand Anarchy

Haha can totally relate nicely done maestro.

3 09 2009
concerned globalist

Yes, this is pretty accurate πŸ™‚

4 09 2009
Rachel Weiss

Really funny, and so true!

Everyone gets swept up in this procrastination cycle… Spot-on, and so cute πŸ™‚

4 09 2009

once a semester is all fine and well.

try going to full sail university….we go through all that EVERY MONTH! hahaha. yes we enjoy cruel and unusual punishment πŸ™‚

4 09 2009

This is true!

Oh boy, this is good.

6 09 2009

this is so true.
LOL at the funny guy.

7 09 2009

what about the druuuuuuugs, man. getting high before an exam does wonders (-:

8 09 2009

It sounds like West Chester all over again

11 09 2009
Black Star

I Came!!!!

13 09 2009

hehe, great.

13 09 2009

Same in TΓΌrkiye πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚

13 09 2009

cute. im 9 1\2 and that is SUPER cute even though in not even through elementry.

14 09 2009

this is cool..

14 09 2009

lmfao. hahahahahahaaha. i love the loopy onessssss

15 09 2009

“Randition”. Im glad to see that the whole college education thing worked for you….Fail.

17 09 2009

soooo true…I’m in my 5th year of college (Doctorate Degree) and I am now after the second week…but i also don’t really have midterms anymore….so funny…brightens my day…

also I hope that the potential employer doesn’t throw away my resume for my degree. I’ve worked too hard for it.

24 09 2009

my friends a bunny and he was like “that’s exactly how i felt”

29 09 2009

Our students appear to fit the pattern.

2 10 2009

i love the after mid term guy’s little dance!

10 10 2009
Imran Yafai

This is awesome,
definitely sums up huge swaths of my current college experience. I’m currently in the “after mid-term exams” phase.
although for me the mid term exam was more similar to finals (at least this year) than it’s picture

10 10 2009


12 10 2009
Prashant Khanal

haha…Very True…

17 10 2009

Really funny, but it’s true. ::D:D:D:D:D

27 10 2009

That is ShaloOomy πŸ™‚

28 10 2009

This made my day. Thank you!

28 10 2009
m a

Also saw this at … πŸ™‚

29 10 2009

well that is so true exams are the worst, they should be outlawed!!!!

29 10 2009
Our college life – Laugh at THIS! | My Article

[…] walk out of the examination room:After the final exam during the holiday:That’s College!!! Posted in Funny « How to get traffic from Facebook H.L. MENKEN » You can […]

2 11 2009

Wow, you really got what college is!! Good job =)

10 01 2010

whoever made this forgot all the booze and drugs

23 01 2010

I literally LOLed.
That totally describes college life.. sadly.

1 02 2010
michael gonzalez

perfect depiction of college

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