Revolutionary application which marks end of Power Diggers? LOL

23 11 2009

Today I came across a very strange application available to download – I read the title Digg bot. I was amazed, What in world can game Digg if humans cant? The users of this application as well as developer believes that Digg frontpage can be attained by this silly application. I just want to say that – “Get over with it guys, These applications won’t get you anywhere except wasting your time and energy in entering captcha’s”/

Here’s the screenshot of the application –


Please don’t request for download link for this crap software, It won’t get you anywhere.


Myspace fail –

7 05 2009


Minesweeper fail!

7 05 2009


Tennis player panty fail!

7 05 2009


Sneaky cat fail.

7 05 2009


Chick Chamber fail –

7 05 2009


Motivation fail – Free online porn

7 05 2009